The Eddie

Telling the stories of those who struggle has never been more difficult and more crucial.

In 2014, the Edwin Gould Foundation (EGF) established the Eddie Award to elevate the national discussion about low-income students on their pathway to college completion and career success. Every year, in partnership with the Education Writers Association, the Foundation awards a cash prize ($7500) and bowler hat to the author / producer / originator of a work of journalism that brings fresh ideas, innovative storytelling, and new solutions to this complex topic.  Submissions come from media outlets big and small, including NPR, The New Yorker, The Charleston Post and Courier, The Miami Herald, and local and regional broadcasts.

The bowler is a tribute to the Foundation’s benefactor and namesake, Edwin Gould, who regularly wore the signature hat.  

This past year, the Eddie Award judges had so many great stories to choose from.

We are pleased to say that "Escaping Oblivion" and "The Most Onerous Form in College Admissions" by Eric Hoover at The Chronicle of Higher Education is the 2021 Eddie Award Winner.

Past Eddie Winners


A Year Interrupted
Elizabeth Rich and Brooke Saias
Education Week


The Valedictorians Project
Malcolm Gay, Meghan Irons and Eric Moskowitz
The Boston Globe


Minimally Adequate: How South Carolina's Schools Fail Too Many Students.
Paul Bowers, Glenn Smith, Seanna Adcox, Jennifer Berry Hawes and Thad Moore
Charleston Post and Courier


Shadow Class: College DREAMers in Trump’s America
The APM Reports team of Sasha Aslanian, Catherine Winter, Emily Hanford, and Stephen Smith
The APM Reports/American Public Media


The Long, Difficult Journey to College
Eric Hoover
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Education’s Broken Promise to Native Students
Kelly Field
The Chronicle of Higher Education


Higher-Ed Hustle
Michael Vasquez
The Miami Herald


Lower Education
Molly Hensley-Clancy

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